General Inquiries

Durham Outdoors Club Executive

Elections for the Executive are held at the April monthly meeting. Details about the responsibilities of each position can be found here.

President Deborah Corbett
Past President Scott Nokleby
Secretary Coral Petzoldt
Treasurer Kaja Batinic
Membership Jeannie Shanks
Newsletter Editor Chris Potvin
Website Administrator Catherine Shearer-Kudel

Event Coordinators

If you would like to lead an event, contact the appropriate Event Coordinator.

Hiking Mary Perkins
Canoeing and Camping Mike Thomas (905-666-2788)
Wednesday Night Walks Coral Petzoldt (905-721-2476)
Cycling Elinor Major (905-721-8897) and Bob Astley (905) 433-1385
Skiing Robb Duncan (905-665-8021)
Urban Events Ray Bartodziej (905-668-0070)