Photo Gallery

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Orono Crown Lands: September 2022

A group of Club members enjoyed their hike through Orono Crown Lands. It was a good opportunity to take in the crisp morning air and view salmon in the nearby creek.

ROM Walk: August 2022

Our alfresco dinner after the very interesting ROM walk, Newsmakers and Newspapers, 1750 to Present Day. Check the DOC's Events Calendar for the next club ROM Walk excursion.

Algonquin Provincial Park: January 2019

Orono Crown Lands: October 2018

Uxcycle: September 2018

Algonquin Provincial Park: October 2017

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: August 2017

Ottawa: June 2017

Algonquin Provincial Park: June 2017

Red Pine Loop in Algonquin Highlands: May 2014

Enniskillen Hike: March 2014

Stephen's Gulch Hike: March 2014

Long Sault Conservation Area Hike: January 2014

Cycle to Camp at Emily Provincial Park: July 2013

Rail Trail Ride - Iron Bridge Between Fenelon Falls and Burnt River: June 2013

Moose on the Loose - Algonquin Provincial Park: May 2013